european queer choir

The European Queer Choir - an LGBTQ+ choir in Europe, making music and connections across borders.

EQC members are united in their vision of bringing together singers from across Europe to celebrate our differences and to nurture links with queer singers and communities across the world.

Singing is about sharing joy and building unique friendships through music.

I was appointed Music Director of EQC in 2017. Working with the choir has been rewarding, inspiring, challenging and enjoyable. Under my direction the choir has performed in:







Rehearsals take place three or four times a year when we convene in different European cities for two days of music-making and socialising.

This rehearsal schedule presents its challenges but I see my role as one of inspiring and motivating the singers to be the very best that they can. Musicality and musicianship is never compromised and our performances are exciting, engaging, relevant and fun! 

I have sought to broaden the repertoire to include original compositions and arrangements commissioned by the choir in order for our music to be as diverse and representative as possible. I have a particular interest in including popular music of this centrury and not just that of the last!

The choir's ethos of inclusivity, community and representation continues to be a profound experience that extends far beyond the music that we share.